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KP 5/419F-H, Kallippara, Kakkadampoyil, Kozhikode, Kerala - 673604
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Misty Queen by Dimora - Best Resort in Kakkadampoyil


Nestled in the enchanting city of Kozhikode, a historic spice trade hub, Misty Queen by Dimora offers a serene escape. Kakkadampoyil, a village in this coastal city where Vasco da Gama first set foot in 1498, provides a gateway to the city's rich history and coastal beauty. Surrounded by lush valleys and mountains, every room and restaurant at Misty Queen captures the breathtaking scenic panorama, making it the best mountain view Resort in Kakkadampoyil.

A long shot of a pathway leading to the resort | Misty Queen by Dimora, Kakkadampoyil

Prime Location Highlights:

Explore the nearby attractions like Koyippara Waterfalls, Thusharagiri Waterfalls, Nilambur Teak Museum and more, making us the ideal base to discover the charm of Kakkadampoyil and its surroundings.


Villas & Castles at Misty Queen by Dimora, Kakkadampoyil

We stand as the premier choice for accommodation in Kakkadampoyil. Boasting a four-star luxury experience since the inauguration on November 1, 2023, our resort features 19 meticulously designed rooms, a co-live dormitory, a swimming pool, gym, indoor games and more. Your fairy tale retreat begins here!

A bed in a room with a huge glass window and balcony

Valley Villa

Spanning 271 sq. ft., Valley Villa is meticulously designed to offer maximum comfort, featuring a balcony with a captivating valley view.

A bed in a room | Misty Queen by Dimora, Kakkadampoyil

Round Villa

Our Round Villas at Dimora offer 217 sq. ft. of impeccably styled space, with a picturesque mountain view.

A bed in a room with a huge glass window | Misty Queen by Dimora, Kakkadampoyil

Deluxe Castle

Enjoy the scenic mountain view from our Deluxe Castle even without a balcony, boasting 217 sq. ft. of space and a separate living room.

A bed in a room with TV | Misty Queen by Dimora, Kakkadampoyil

Luxury Castle

Indulge in opulence with our Luxury Castle, providing 424 sq. ft. of exquisitely styled space and a balcony offering a stunning mountain view.

A bed in a room with a mountain view | Misty Queen by Dimora, Kakkadampoyil

Premium Castle

Experience lavish comfort in our Premium Castle, featuring 395 sq. ft. of elegant space, a private balcony with a mountain view and bathtub.

Multiple single beds placed in a row in a room  | Misty Queen by Dimora, Kakkadampoyil

Co-Live Dormitory

Bask in luxury with our Co-Live Dormitory, showcasing 785 sq. ft. of elegant space and a balcony with a captivating mountain view.

Chairs and tables with cutlery on them, beside a glass window


Dining Spaces

Indulge in a gastronomic journey at our resort near Koyippara Waterfalls. At our signature restaurant, Hill-Icious, savour fine dining with optional buffet offerings in a tranquil setting. Craving something quicker? Head to Eat & Grill, our fast-food haven, offering outdoor seating and convenient takeaway options. Enjoy a diverse culinary experience that caters to every palate. 


Dynamic Event Spaces

Discover versatility at Misty Queen with the Heaven View Banquet Hall, accommodating up to 70 guests in various settings, and the intimate Board Room for smaller meetings. Both spaces boast modern amenities, ensuring a seamless experience for events of all scales. Elevate your gatherings with picturesque backdrops and productive meetings at Misty Queen's exceptional event spaces.

A front view of chairs placed in a classroom setup in a closed space


Modern Facilities

An outdoor swimming pool | Misty Queen by Dimora, Kakkadampoyil

Swimming Pool

Dive into blissful relaxation at our inviting turquoise oasis, where serenity await.

A close shot of dumbbells placed in a row


Elevate your fitness journey in our state-of-the-art gym.

A kid walking up a green slide during the day

Outdoor Children’s Play Area

Unleash the joy of playtime in our vibrant outdoor wonderland.

A low angle shot of campfire flickering at night


Gather 'round the warmth of camaraderie at our mesmerising campfire.