Co-working Area in Malappuram

Welcome to our innovative co-working space in Malappuram, spanning an expansive 4,750 sq. ft., meticulously designed to foster productivity and collaboration. Choose from a range of seating options, including private cabins for 6 and 4 people, along with individual chairs, all within a centrally air-conditioned environment ensuring comfort throughout. Stay seamlessly connected with complimentary Wi-Fi, while private cabin vendors enjoy designated parking areas for added convenience. Our amenities include well-maintained bathrooms, a cosy guest lounge, and an on-site café serving refreshments to keep you energised. Additionally, private room vendors have access to our boardroom for meetings, and all guests are treated to complimentary tea and coffee. Immerse yourself in a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere where comfort, connectivity, and convenience converge, making our co-working space the premier choice for professionals and entrepreneurs in Malappuram seeking a conducive work environment.

  • Six-seater office cabin: Rs. 24,500 (including GST)
  • Four-seater office cabin: Rs. 14,500 (excluding GST)
  • Cluster seating: Rs. 5,000 (excluding GST)
  • Board room usage charges: Per hour - Rs. 2,500 | 4 hours - Rs. 5,000, 8 hours - Rs. 8,000